Meet Our New Kids Consultant

Meet Our New Kids Consultant

Puppies and Foxes and Kitties...Oh My!!!

Whether you call her our kids consultant, animal advisor, or menagerie manager, our newest Little Team Member is certainly our most energetic and enthusiastic taste-tester and snuggle-selector.

I'm so happy for you to meet my granddaughter, Addie Grace, who has hand-picked three of the softest, cuddliest, cutest, and sweetest stuffed animals to delight the little ones in your life. Addie can't choose a favorite between Goldie the Retriever, Domino the Kitten, and Hunter the Fox! Can you?

Our Little Chocolate Chip Cookies and Sweet Cherry Gummies make the perfect pairing with a new furry friend. They're ready for you to order now and will ship in time for Valentine's Day, but Addie would like to remind you that, just like her favorite Coffee Cake, they're perfect for any occasion.

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