Our Favorite Reasons to Eat More Cake

Our Favorite Reasons to Eat More Cake

One of my favorite things about this work that I do is getting to share in your celebrations and special moments. Nothing has meant more, especially over the last two years, than reading and printing the notes that go along with each special treat you send.

We began as a holiday business, and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are still our busiest. But I've been so touched to see more and more treats being sent year-round to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, comfort those going through a rough time, or just let someone know they are loved.

We don't think you ever need an excuse to eat (or share) more cake. But in the name of inspiration, here are some of my very favorite ways I've seen you share love through special treats from Cherry on Top:

  1. Thank You - Show your appreciation for a special favor, a job well done, or a kind action.

  2. Congratulations - Celebrate a wedding, anniversary, graduation, new home, or new baby with something delicious.

  3. Sympathy - A simple comfort like our cake, along with a heartfelt note can be a meaningful way to show love in times of grief or loss.

  4. Staycation - Start the morning with a slice of cake and transform a quiet day at home into a decadent, refreshing retreat.

  5. Get Well Soon - One bite of our delicious cinnamon walnut coffee cake is sure to ease any aches or pains.

  6. Hosting Gifts - Anyone who turns up on the doorstep with one of our cakes is sure to be welcomed back again and again.

  7. Entertaining - Our cake is perfect to serve for breakfast, brunch, or in the afternoon with tea or coffee (it also makes a delicious midnight snack).

  8. Thinking of You - Let someone know how special they are for no reason at all other than that they are loved.

  9. Treat Yourself - Want to order an entire cake and keep it all to yourself? We'll never tell!

  10. Just in Case - Our cakes keep in the freezer for up to a year, so it's always a good idea to have one (or two or three) on hand for whatever occasion life brings your way.

We are blessed daily by your sweet words and acts of kindness toward those you hold dear. Thanks for letting us be part of it!
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