A Salute to Summer


The calendar says summer officially began a few weeks ago. The thermometer says it's been summer for MUCH longer...at least here in Waco, Texas. Yet as we round the corner on 4th of July weekend (already? seriously???) it feels like our summer rhythm is just beginning to hit its stride. The last couple weeks have been full of extra-special time with our kids and grandkids celebrating Father's Day around the dining table, belated birthdays at the waterpark, and everyday moments of fun, joy, and connection.

We've been trying out some creative ways to beat the heat lately and, of course, we're enjoying plenty of delicious treats. To combine the two, we've been topping slices of warm coffee cake with scoops of creamy ice cream. Friends have been raving about this particular combination for years and I honestly can't believe we waited so long to try it! (We think homemade vanilla is hard to beat, but Creamy Creations Homemade Vanilla from HEB is a close second.)

Whether you're finishing up plans for a 4th of July barbecue, looking forward to a family gathering, or just heading out for a weekday picnic in the park, we'd love to be part of your celebration. Our famous Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake is an easy way to make any moment feel extra special. Feel free to top it with ice cream, too!

Here are a few more simple pleasures that have been making our summer days extra sweet.

a great book: I'm not a big reader, but occasionally I get sucked in by a good story, like Where the Crawdads Sing. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down!

a cheery water bottle: I struggle to drink enough water, but my Owala Freesip water bottle makes it a lot more fun. And how could I resist an actual "Cherry on Top" color scheme?

cute, comfy, supportive sandals: I've been wearing OluKai ‘Ohana flip flops for years because they're easy to slide on, hold up, and provide good arch support. They also have amazing customer service (which you know matters to me)!

a cute, packable sunhat: I love reaching for a hat on hot summer days! I picked up this Wallaroo straw sunhat on our trip to Maine last fall and it continues to hold it's shape, no matter what kind of abuse I throw at it.

game nights with my grandkids: We love the connection and laughter that happens during a family game night. Our long-time favorite is Chinese Checkers on a very old wooden board that belonged to Benny's grandmother. Cat Chaos and Exploding Kittens are more recent additions to the rotation.

How are you savoring these sweet summer moments? Any favorites (new or old) that are leading to connection, fun, and joy? I'd love to hear about them!

Much Love,

-Sherri Cherry

P.S. We shared our family's favorite homemade ice cream recipe on the blog today. Click on over if you want to give it a try!

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