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Authentic Mexican Salsa

Authentic Mexican Salsa

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Growing up on the Mexican border, we take our salsa seriously. After years of searching we finally found one that tastes as fresh and delicious as the homemade salsa we grew up on. You'll love our Authentic Mexican Salsa on everything from eggs and grilled meats to tacos and enchiladas...or just grab some chips and dig right in.

Our Authentic Mexican Salsa contains only the finest farm to table ingredients and is crafted with care right in our hometown of Weslaco, TX. You won't find any tomato paste or unpronounceable chemical compounds in this salsa. Just real, natural, simple tomatoes and peppers...and a whole lot of passion. We also love that this salsa supports a mission to empower women through a safe and dignified work environment by cultivating and harvesting our produce in rural communities in Mexico.

Our Salsa Roja is made with grilled/charred tomatillo, roma tomatoes, onions, chile de árbol, garlic, and Himalayan sea salt.

Our Salsa Verde is flavored with fresh harvested jalapeños and serrano peppers, garlic, onions, and Himalayan sea salt.

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