Birthday Cake – Party in a Box!

Birthday Cake – Party in a Box!

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Your friends and family will be thrilled with this delicious cake on their birthday! Celebrate with your loved ones even if you are not able to be there in person!

As always, we can customize your birthday message!

Choose from any of our delicious cakes, candles and birthday greeting included:
Small Double Chocolate Walnut cake 
Small Cinnamon Walnut cake
Large Cinnamon Walnut cake

No celebration is complete without cake!
Double Chocolate Walnut Cake

This moist, decadent cake is studded with semisweet chocolate morsels and fresh walnuts in the middle and on top. Who doesn't love chocolate cake? 

Cinnamon Walnut Cake
Our Cinnamon Walnut Cake is unbelievably moist and delicious and made with walnuts, butter, sour cream and the freshest of ingredients. A cinnamon strudel fills the center and tops the cake to make it the best coffee cake you have ever eaten.