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Pepper Passion Jelly

Pepper Passion Jelly

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Pepper jelly's were born long, long ago. When there was an abundance of fresh, ripe chiles to harvest in the fall, folks got a little creative! Most of the chile peppers would be used fresh, and some dried or smoked. However, onpecial occasions, the chiles would be made into jams using vinegar and sugar. The result is a fusion of sweetened, spicy peppers with mild heat and sweetness. 

So many wonderful uses for pepper jelly...the easiest—and one of the most popular—is to pour over a block of cream cheese for a delicious and easy appetizer! Take it to the next level and use our Pepper Passion Jelly as a glaze on chicken, pork or, our favorite, shrimp! Add some zip to toast or a sandwich. This jelly can go as far as your imagination will take it!

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Or if you can't decide, get both in our Pepper Jelly Gift Basket!

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