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Tea & Honey Gift Set

Tea & Honey Gift Set

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There's no cozier combination than Tea, Honey, and Cake--the most cheerful gift imaginable. Choose from classic with a twist Earl Grey Supreme Tea, festively flavored Holiday Heritage Tea, special occasion in a cup Celebration Tea, or something for everyone Tea Sampler along with the most delicious Orange Blossom Honey and individually sized Mini Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cakes. Bright tins and thoughtful touches make this an extra heartwarming way to pamper or celebrate someone special.

Tea Sampler Chest - Find your new favorite tea with our Wrapped Sachet Sampler filled with an assortment of Whole Leaf Tea Sachets tucked in a gold-embossed black keepsake gift box. Enjoy a wide variety of black, white, green, and herbal teas in both classic and creative flavors sure to please every palate! Each keepsake box contains 20 individually wrapped whole leaf tea sachets.

Earl Grey Supreme Tea - For something extra special, we offer Earl Grey Supreme, which uses a higher grade of teas with the addition of silver tips. Most tea drinkers never go back to regular Earl Grey once they taste the Supreme. If you love bergamot and fine tea, this is the blend for you! Ingredients: Black tea, white tea, oolong tea, bergamot oil. Each decorative tin contains 20 whole leaf tea sachets.

Holiday Heritage Tea - A classic holiday tea with hints of citrus, cinnamon, and a dash of nostalgia. Ingredients: Black tea, orange peel, cinnamon flavor, ground cinnamon, apple flavor, apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, ground cloves. Contains natural flavors. Each decorative tin contains 20 whole leaf tea sachets.

Celebration Tea - Based on traditional English flavors, this irresistible blend of black tea is perfect for gatherings of friends and families. Ingredients: Black tea, apricot pieces, passion plum flavor, apricot flavor, blue cornflowers, hazelnut flavor, cinnamon spice flavor. Each decorative tin contains 20 whole leaf tea sachets.

Orange Blossom Honey - A delightfully aromatic specialty honey made from the blossoms of orange trees. Not only is this raw, natural honey a wonderful addition to your cup of tea, but it's also superb for cooking!

Tea & Honey Gift Set - Each gift set includes one tin (20 tea sachets) of your tea of choice, 8 oz of our delicious Orange Blossom Honey, and two Mini Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cakes tucked into a Keepsake Box.

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